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Phenomenal doors have opened for me to minister this year to over 15,000 Muslims in Punjab, Pakistan!


God is moving in the muslim world

Most Christians are aware that there are more Muslims coming to know the Lord Jesus today than any other time in history. Recent testimonies of Muslims who have experienced supernatural dreams or visions of Jesus are now common and affirm the fact that our Father is pursuing the Muslim people, who account for 22.5 percent of the world’s population.

According to Operation Mission this Punjabi, Pakistan has the highest number of unreached individuals per Christian worker than any other place in the world. 

Though it’s illegal to share the name of Jesus on the streets of Pakistan it’s not to invite people to attend large prayer meetings that are followed by a Crusade. Hundreds of Muslims have attended these prayer meetings because they are taught in the Koran that Jesus can heal, and once they experience these healings they pack out the crusades by the thousands to hear the whole Gospel message!

Though I’ve been prevented from going to Pakistan this month due to the rise of Covid, I gave a 45 minute Gospel message via Skype with translation to a gathering of one thousand Muslims in Pakistan on April 29. 

Prior to this event I was asked to raise funds for each potential new believer to receive their own Bible in their Urdu language, which costs five US dollars a piece. I raised enough funds to purchase 400 Bibles but when I gave the Gospel appeal at the end of my message 853 people stood up to commit their lives to Jesus!


You and your church have an opportunity to have an eternal affect on thousands of lives, and to be part of a movement of God in the Muslim world.

Please pray about helping me raise funds to purchase 5,000 Urdu Bibles for this fall, that will cost 25,000 US dollars, any funds beyond this will go towards my trip to the Muslim refugees and to bless the Pakistani pastors and slave children.

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