Axiom Originators

Globally there is a wave emerging on the horizon; a wave of revolutionary mini-movements in pursuit of an authentic Christianity that may give birth to another world. Axiom Monastic Community, founded 18 years ago, is one of these movements. We look forward to the possibility of journeying with you!


Jeff Pratt

Founder / Spiritual Director

Jeff Pratt was born and raised in a strong Mormon family of seven children. Before making preparations to leave on a Mormon mission, Jesus Christ invaded his life and he left Mormonism in pursuit of an intimate relationship with God and the fulfillment of God’s call on his life.

This call has led him to minister in over 80 countries of the world in various churches, TV programs and Youth With A Mission centers. As an ordained minister, Jeff has been a missionary for over 20 years, helping direct training for Mercy Ships, as well as assisting Melody Green in leading Last Days Ministries.

Jeff is currently providing leadership for YWAM Axiom and Axiom Global Monastic Community while giving shape and definition to an Urban Monastery in the Yale University town of New Haven, Connecticut.

Jeff teaches extensively on various aspects of Intimacy with God, The Father Heart of God, The Spiritual Disciplines of Jesus, etc.. Jeff also adopted two brothers, Brandon and Patrick, almost ten years ago, who all currently reside in New Haven, CT.

Roger & Deb Andruss

Pastoral Care/Spiritual Directors

God has blessed Roger and Deb with a life much different than they could have ever imagined. Both worked in healthcare for over 30 combined years as a Pharmacist and Medical Assistant when God called Roger back to Bible College. They have served in ministry ever since, with Roger teaching/preaching as a Lead Pastor in churches for over 10 years. They transitioned from church ministry to full- time mission work nine years ago when they partnered with Youth With A Mission (YWAM). Roger lead the Staff Care & Development team at the University of the Nations, Kona, Hawaii (YWAM’s largest training center) for 3 years.

Roger & Deb’s focus has been to help others thrive by achieving & maintaining wellness – spiritual, physical, emotional & social. They also have a heart for the nations, having traveled to more than 50 countries in the last 10 years.

Roger & Deb joined the Axiom community in 2012, recognizing the key to maintaining wellness is a close, intimate, daily walk with God. Their passion is to see people grow in their love relationship with Jesus so they can better love those around them. They lead out in the New Haven Community until moving to Montana in the summer of 2015 to establish an Axiom Community/Hub of Spiritual Rhythm and Rest. Forty acres, surrounded by wilderness, was purchased in 2016 and is currently being developed.

Greg Valerio

Greg Valerio is a fair trade jeweller with a background in human rights and environmental advocacy. He is the founder of CRED Jewellery and co-founder of Fair Jewellery Action. He was named The Observer Ethical Awards Campaigner of the Year in 2011. He was also voted by The Retail Jeweller 2011 as one of the Top 100 innovators in the UK Jewellery Industry.

“Valerio, you’re a natural born trouble-maker. Just make sure you make trouble for the right reasons.” Greg Valerio was expelled from secondary school with these words ringing in his ears. It took a little while to find the right cause, but eventually he took on the international jewellery industry. Notorious for its blood diamonds, worker exploitation, and endemic corruption. For fifteen years Greg criss-crossed the globe striving to apply fair trade standards to the jewellery business. From the Arctic circle, via the diamond fields of Sierra Leone to the South American rainforest, he has fought to give the consumer an ethically pure piece of jewellery, and to reward its producers with a fair wage and good working conditions. Along the way, he has exposed the jewellery industry’s dirty secrets: pollution, child labour, criminality, exploitation, dangerous working practices, and more.

“For me, good campaigning meant three simple things: good education that leads to positive action, and then a change in lifestyle that cements campaigning into daily living.” – GREG VALERIO

Maverick, pain in the arse, social entrepreneur, out of the box, radical, passionate, emotional, unmanageable, direct, to the point, breath of fresh air, rebel, visionary, scruffy, non-conformist, looks like a bum, economic terrorist and dangerous bastard have all been used to describe Greg and his commitment to human rights, ecological responsibility and fair trade in the jewellery sector. Greg is currently working with FAIRTRADE International coordinating their International Gold programme and Peace Direct in eastern Congo to support the establishment of a Peace Gold programme with ex-combatants. He is a regular columnist for The National Association of Goldsmiths Jewellery Magazine, writer, public speaker on Ethics in Jewellery. He initiated and currently serves on the British Jewellers Association and National Association of Goldsmiths ethics working group. He acts as an adviser to the Diamond Development Initiative.

For the past 17 years we’ve been in pursuit of a distinct spirituality that will make Jesus clearly visible to the world.