About Axiom

Globally there is a wave emerging on the horizon; a wave of revolutionary mini-movements in pursuit of an authentic Christianity that may give birth to another world. Axiom Monastic Community, founded 18 years ago, is one of these movements. We look forward to the possibility of journeying with you!


Axiom Monastic Community is a global network of communities and friends, some of which are home-based in the Yale University town of New Haven, CT. This missional network consists of aspiring contemplative activists; Christian communities and individual participants in over 27 nations of the world.

Axiom builds upon the long and historic monastic traditions established both by the Western and Eastern Church. It provides contemporary expressions of Christian community life and offers a practical and prayerful rhythm for such communities as well as Axiom participants.

Axiom is passionate about Jesus and living the God-filled life everywhere. We encourage three things:

Regular Personal Prayer

The practice of regular personal prayer by taking time daily to encounter God and discover afresh who he created you to be and the purpose seeded within you from your creation.

Living the God-filled life

Living the God-filled life. Living out God’s life on earth through practical acts of service demonstrating God’s grace, most often in response to the cry of the poor and marginalized, who appear to have no one but God on their side.


Building a Global Network

Building a global network, a virtual community enables us to work together diversely and in unity toward prayerful projects across the globe. We are stronger together. 


Axiom offers:

  • 24/7 prayer embracing our world
    Connectedness through it’s shared daily commitment and rhythm of prayer.
  • Establishing a faith narrative
    Listening and learning from each other’s stories.
  • Touching base with ourselves and our historical roots
    Local and internationally organized activities such as retreats and pilgrimages.
  • A visible church
    shared action in the service of others.

Why the term “monastic?


New Monasticism is a growing movement of committed Christians who are recovering a radical discipleship of monasticism and unearthing a fresh expression of Christianity around the world.


“The renewal of the church will come from a new type of monasticism, which has only in common with the old an uncompromising allegiance to the Sermon on the Mount. It is high time men and women banded together to do this.” 

Dietrich Bonhoeffer

For the past 17 years we’ve been in pursuit of a distinct spirituality that will make Jesus clearly visible to the world.