Axiom Elk River, Michigan, USA Community

Bio: I grew up in Denver, CO in a single parent home after my mom decided once and for all to leave my abusive dad. Growing up, despite seeing the hypocrisies of the church and in the life of my “religious” dad, I always believed in God. I sensed that this God loved me, and that this God loved the world. And after spending several years as a young adult in Youth With A Mission, Denver, I became absolutely convinced of it. I now live with my wife and four children near Minneapolis, MN, trying to help others discover this same love of Jesus that has the power to change lives, heal the broken, melt hard hearts, and bring resurrection life to places of death.

Vision: The vision of our Axiom group is simply this: in a culture that fosters individualism and competition, we hope to intentionally share our lives with each other while exploring the depth of a life with Jesus together in this time and in this place. We want to learn to love each other well, to love God well, and to learn how to then go into the world and love the world well.


Elk River, Michigan

For the past 17 years we’ve been in pursuit of a distinct spirituality that will make Jesus clearly visible to the world.