Joseph and Deborah Livingston

Directors of Bethel Outreach Ministry

Joseph Livingston is a missionary working in the tribal areas of India and is Executive Director of Bethel Outreach Ministry, with his wife Deborah. Joseph is mostly a father figure, and has provided a home to over 100 children/youth who have been abandon by society. Joseph and Deborah, with their staff, in Surda, India have a fivefold ministry that works alongside their children’s home: Outreach to unreached people groups, Church Planting, Community Development, Missionary Training and Education.

“One needs to visit this beautiful multi-faceted community in northern India to truly be struck by it’s wonder. At 6:30 am you will awake to the chorus of children singing before they have a day of quality education and spiritual enrichment. This coincides with a Bible School attended by teenagers who are being trained to be future missionaries/church-planters and pastors. All is held together by a loving parental atmosphere that provides for each child not only a place of belonging, but a incubator where their character and gifts can realized and developed, positioning each one to reach their potential and find a promising future. I strongly recommend this ministry for the wholehearted support of every believer.”

Jeff Pratt

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Surda, India

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