Voice in the Land Pilgrimage

Dates: Not yet determined
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Has the Indigenous church of North America emerged yet? Could it be that God’s original intention for the North American Church is about to find its authentic voice?

There is a stirring in the land, calling to contemplatives, activists and truth seekers. A voice in the land is softly singing of Creation and in a language of peace and learning. It is a song of our ancient origins in God, inspired to breathe new hope in a shared vision for our common humanity and God’s beloved Creation. Can we come alongside the Indigenous Peoples and like Jeremiah, “Stand at the crossroads and ask for the ancient path, ask where the good way lies and then walk in it?”
You are invited to join us at Hamaatsa to explore these questions and stirrings. Hamaatsa is an indigenous continuum center and offers an outdoor sanctuary on 320-acres of pristine, environmentally protected lands, once homelands of the Pueblo Indian people of the Southwest. We will stay in a simple Native-style encampment under star filled nights and bright sky days. While breaking bread together at the willow kitchen arbor, we’ll nurture our time of spiritual fellowship with meals lovingly prepared from organic and traditional local foods.

During the four and half day retreat, we will have mentoring time with Pueblo elder, Larry Littlebird, plus alone time on the land for prayer and meditation. We will gather daily in the sacred space of the Council Lodge Tipi for group sharing time for contemplative action. One of the days, we will have the honor of four guest Native elders joining our circle. The authenticity of the Native Voice carries a true accent for the American Church and our time at Hamaatsa will allow us to discover the possibilities of a shared future of equality.

Contact:  Roger rog.andruss@me.com


Ortiz Mountains, New Mexico, USA