Celtic Contemplative Pilgrimage in Ireland

Dates: TBA

Come join us near the village of Cong, Ireland, which is nestled between two loughs and the entry of the Connemara. Film location of John Wayne’s ‘Quiet Man’, home to thirteenth century Ashford Castle hotel, and the ruined medieval Royal Abbey, which was the home for over 3000 cenobites at its height and was where the last High King of Ireland lived out his days.

The Celtic Tradition perceives God’s presence in and through creations, the mundane and domestic details of life. We will explore together how this tradition can enrich our current journey’s with God through learning sessions, the contemplative practices and exploring the wonder of creation around us.

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“There is something significant in making a journey. Granted, all the things we encountered on the retreat are things that may be found in other places. But when combined with the journey of a pilgrimage, they take on a defined brightness and are able to penetrate deeper into the soul. First of all I can say that in our time in Ireland, God was encountered more tangibly than at any other time of the year. That alone is precious. And second, we came home changed. I know this because the un-named effects of the journey are still evident to those around us, even half a year later.” – Josanna Justine




Cong, County Mayo, Ireland