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Blessed are those whose strength is in you, who have set their hearts on pilgrimage.


Axiom Pilgrimage Tours

What is an Axiom Pilgrimage Tour?

The purpose of our Axiom Pilgrimage Tours is to travel to a meaningful place in the world where we can contemplate the wonders of Jesus, and those who have followed hard after Him over the centuries, allowing their wisdom to influence our daily lives. While enjoying history, food, and culture we briefly study the life of a God-Chaser who has influenced the world, pointing us to Jesus. Assisi, Italy has been our first international destination. The theme of our pilgrimage was “Contemplation and Simplicity.”  With that theme we first reflected on the lives of Jesus and St. Francis, leading us to examine our own personal lives. We had wonderful moments of personal prayer, discussion times, and met many new friends, fellow pilgrims, both monks and tourists on similar spiritual journeys. There’s nothing quite like discussing various world-views around warm plates of pasta!  All we met shared a similar thirst for a life free of anxiety, and stress, and the trappings of self; a life of true peace. Our Axiom version of “Eat,Pray,Love”.


“Going to this last retreat was like waking up from a nap, a nap that was much too long, and that I didn’t even know I was taking.” – Michael Cotton – Columbia University student/Writer

“We invited Jeff Pratt to lead our annual World Relief HQ Staff retreat on February 25th. It was an incredibly refreshing time as he led us through a day’s journey of encountering Christ and as a result learning/knowing our missional purpose. While the time was short (a day), Jeff engaged us through several mediums – silence, video, music, visuals, stories, writings/meditations from Scripture and Christians, and fellowship in small groups. While we were encouraged to identify the false indentures that hinder us from God and people, setting them aside, we were encouraged to listen to the voice of Jesus calling us by our true names and to our true identity. Jeff is a master story-teller and drew us in with gentle words that are likely spoken because he hears the voice of his Beloved, Jesus.”  –  Sammy Mah – President/CEO, World Relief

“I feel like I was born again, again.” – Nancy Roberts

“I attended a Silent Retreat in May 2009. What an amazing, intimate, beautiful and incredible experience! What God did in my life during the retreat was absolutely amazing and I am forever grateful for having the opportunity to attend. It is evident to me, that God has placed an incredible call on the lives of those at Axiom!”   – Sandy Begerstrom

“Hey Axiom, just wanted to let you know what a huge influence your “thin places” meditative retreat has been for my wife and I. We consider our experience at your silent retreat a time which God spoke to our hearts about who He has created us to be in life and in which the seed of our specific mission was planted.”  –  Tobey Aubert – Church Planter/ Lead Pastor

“My life is pretty crazy. I have 6 kids, ranging from 15 to 3. I am in senior leadership at a Youth With A Mission campus in Ensenada, Mexico. As I have said my life is pretty crazy. Last year I attended a Silent Retreat up with Axiom in Connecticut. For me it was like learning how to breath again. You know when you’re in a swimming pool and you stay under the water a bit too long. When you come up, first you gasp, then you slow down and you are so relaxed and thankful to be alive. The retreat was like taking a refreshing breath after being under the water in the craziness of life for a long time. It also gave me thirst, a longing to regularly find that silent place in our fast moving world.”  – Tym Kemp – YWAM Training Director, Ensenada, Mexico

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